Flipbook Maker

Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbook with interactive page flip effect. Take your plain PDF to a new level - make an interactive digital flipbook that’s so easy to publish and share online. Add videos, audio images, links, etc. for more engagement and interactivity.

HTML5 Flipbook Maker
HTML5 Flipbook

What is HTML5 Flipbook

Unlike normal, scrolling PDF, HTML5 flipbook is web-based, fully responsive, mobile friendly and pages flips flawlessly in any modern browser. It feels like reading real books on your tablet, phone and computer.

  • Turn your static PDF to a HTML5 flipbook in a snap.
  • Pre-design HTML5 templates and themes for flipbooks.
  • Embed interactive elements to drive engagement.

Instantly upload your flipbooks

Upload the flipbooks to your domain or our domain if you don't have one. Publish and share the flipbook on social media, email, your blog or anywhere else you wish.

  • 100G for free, unlimited storage for paid plan.
  • Share your flipbook as a direct link or embed it on your site.
  • Online flipbooks are super easy to share and track.
Online HTML5 Flipbook Maker
PDF to HTML5 Flipbook

Turn PDFs into interactive flipbooks

Add videos, audios, images, links, forms, charts, interactive buttons, your company branding and outbound links, etc. to build engagement like never before.

  • Embed Youtube/Vimeo videos, or upload your videos from your computer.
  • Add Google Analytics tracking.
  • Set password to protect privacy.

Flipbooks in various formats

Publish your digital flipbooks in various formats (like HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP formats) and easily send them to your audiences by email, chat app, etc. Take your plain PDF to a new level. Digital flipbooks bring great viewing experience for everyone, anywhere.

  • Open EXE flipbook on Windows and APP flipbook on Mac directly without browser.
  • Realistic page flip effect always look great on any device.
HTML5 Flipbook Maker

Build interactivity

Add YouTube/Vimeo/local videos, audio files, links, interactive photos as well as forms, buttons and more to your flipbook!

Privacy Protection

Set your online flipbook as public, private or add password/email protection.

Share everywhere

Share the flipbook on social media with preview, send the link via email, chat app. Or embed it on your website or blog.